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The Recs

we rec stuff

It All Started One Saturday Evening...
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Check out the memories for all previous recs!

This community started after nefyr, argentum_draco, julia_dreamer, dt_maxwell, griffinfire, phlegethon11, bookworm2007, and mar_g_666 all went to see Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire together. We had an interesting conversation over pizza about all the fanfic we've read, and everyone was reccomending fics liek whoa. So here's the place to keep them organized.

Teh Roolz:

All fandoms, pairings, ratings, etc., are allowed. As long as you think someone else might like it, it's a free-for-all.
Fics, comics, and fanvids are all fair game for reccing. Basically, anything that tells a story. Unfortunately, fanart doesn't qualify, but a series of fanart would.
Please post recs in the proper format.
Works-in-progress are fair reccing material.

Reccing Format:

In the subject line use this format: Fandom PAIRING INITIALS (rating)
(Example: Harry Potter HP/RW (NC-17))
This is so nefyr can archive it properly.

Rating: (If you think the fic merits a different rating than what the author has given it, then say so)
Title: (This should be a link to the fic)
Author: (This should be a link to the Author's homepage, LJ, etc.)
Length: (A word count would be nice, as chapter length varies; if no word count, then approximate read time)(Specify here if it's a WIP)
Warnings: (Including spoilers)
Reason(s) for Reccing:

Don't know how to link properly/HTML challenged? This should help.

Have fun reccing and what not. Tally ho and let the reccing begin!

Questions? Contact nefyr at nefyr17[at]gmail[dot]com


fandom_reviews - dt_maxwell and nefyr review fics on the Pit of Voles, highlighting extraordinarily good fic (yes, some actually exists there), and just for kicks, a bit of extraordinarily bad fic.

backroom_crack - For all your multifandom crack!fic needs, open to requests.